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Everything Is Implied - cjbarnaby

Everything Is Implied

Everything is Implied:
The Nature of Intra-terrestrial Contact

Many religions support the concept that all things are connected. The very definition of religion is to link back to the source. This eternal universal truth was clarified for me through as series of self experiments in consciousness. Years ago I meditated regularly, and partook mind expanding sacraments that opened doorways into my own understanding of self and place in the scheme of everything. Soaking into nirvana realms was an easy task for me as I had been doing it since I was a child. Meditating enhanced my experience of at one-ness and no-mind in the every day.

I felt there was more to my experience and in time, this too would be revealed. It was.Years later I experimented with a smokeable form of the recognized active constituents of Ayahuasca. I used this smoke sacredly as it demanded reverence for the awesome experiences that it induced. Over time I realized that there were regular entities I was interacting with. They appeared in several forms as this was the way that they represented themselves in my understanding at the time.They were VERY caring, friendly and entirely willing to share of their understanding, treating me like a one of their kind whenever I visited. I grew to know their language as a many faceted language based on their understanding of ‘love’. An impersonal ‘love’ and universal love shared openly. We ‘spoke’ in ‘telepathic’ and ‘objective’ ideals forming novel creative things about love. I always asked as many questions as I could whilst inside their space. One of my questions was, “Is everything (in the world) as it should be?” (I had a great concern for the destruction of the planet at the time). The answer was indisputably always a yes!

“We are in full understanding of what we are doing. Do you think that it is possible that Spirit can make a mistake?” they indicated through a series of objects and curious actions.

I believed that these beings were a reflection of reality or how reality would appear if we lost all of our filters. Furthermore… it seemed to me that these beings are what make up everything, a part of the ultimate divine energy, although I needed to know this more clearly. I figured that they were only a little separate from pure spirit energy. A little closer to the material. This explained to me why the experiences seemed more like a lucid dream. The further from being at one with spirit, the more material you are and the more solid you become. The very next distance after their space from pure Spirit appeared to be material reality. They were one difference away. I needed to know exactly what they were. I had to know more. I needed proof. It was one thing to be told of this but it would be another thing to completely experience it. What I needed to do was see it.
Early one morning I was enabled to actually see this understanding. At the end of a experimental night I felt ‘called’ to experience a visit with my ‘friends’ on the ‘other’ side. My partner was in the shower as I sat in the main room smoking my way to understanding. I fell into a trance and felt an overwhelming rush of adrenalin as my body went into ‘fight or flight’ reaction. I jumped from my seat and ran into another room in a feeble attempt to escape whatever was going to happen. I was informed that I could not run from something inside me as the walls about me started to wiggle in their familiar yet strange patterns like visible language describing everything. This language looked a lot like Sanskrit, like many written languages. I laughed loudly at the realization of what had happened and stumbled back to my bedroom and lay on my bed beaming smiles. The room transformed into a space completely populated by entities from the space which formerly I had seen on the inside of my body. They were everywhere and clearly were the underlying construct of everything. All shapes and sizes of intra-terrestrial were smiling broadly at me and interlocked so closely as to create a lamp, a bed, the wall, my arm, in fact, all that was was made from their bodies. I understood finally their implication. Everything is implied and they are what is implicate.They looked like imps, fairies, gnomes, dwarves, extraterrestrials. I just named them intra-terrestrials as they were clearly ‘in’ everything. They certainly were the ‘wiring under the floor boards’ the late Terence McKenna described in his experiences of the same space intimate in the instruction of this reality. I mentally connected them with other ideas like the Aumakua of Hawaiian legend and the Creative Ancestors of the Australian Aboriginals.My partner walked out of the shower naked toward me. She was an amazing sight completely constructed of a collective of these beings. I swear one was winking at me as she leant over to kiss me on the head. It seemed like a sort of cosmic joke to them.

My inner world when I visited these beings was similar although it reeked of a sense of the bizarre or otherworldly-ness that allowed me easily to originally believe that I was in contact with an alien other. An extra-terrestrial race perhaps. I realized soon after that this other is an expression of the impersonal divine love that everything flows forth from.I settled into bed considering everything that had happened and cuddled up to a lovely alien as the ‘room’ attempted a resolution more common and one last idea was delivered to me, “We control and plan all events too!”. Something more would be learned soon enough.

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