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What Makes Me Make Art? - cjbarnaby

What Makes Me Make Art?

What Makes Me Make Art?


On an esoteric level “Who Am I” is the question I have been attempting to answer via my art works since I started producing art from an early age.

In my childhood I started creating with pencil and paper and was commented as being excellent by my pre-school teacher in my rendition of a rooster I had painted.

I specialized in cartooning from an early age inspired by Mad Magazine and Footrot Flats.

This work moved into creative endeavors which were centred around my love for the science fiction of Arthur C. Clarke and Isaac Asimov.

I started drawing and painting sci-fi and fantasy images as a result of this.

As my interest grew in art I looked toward film making and animation trying out those methods as a point of expression.

I studied arts at school specializing in sculpture and painting and introduced early digital computer art into my final school year as a senior in 1986.

I then moved on to working with scanning, photograpy and photocopier working for Xerox which offered my opportunities to explore this medium.

Pursuing my interests in art I attended the West Wollongong College Of Tafe studying an Associate Diploma In Fine Arts.

During my two years of study at this institution discovered his deeper ability for drawing, printmaking, painting, sculpture and digital video creation and editing.

During my schooling I exhibited my sculpture, painting and video work as part of my educational experience and went on to explore all these mediums in different ways.

I had the opportunity of go to University and starting in second year because of my previous studies.

The university system dulled my enjoyment of creativity although I did manage to discover a talent for film making yet to be more explored.

I quit the University system and decided to concentrate on art creation through the use of computers experimenting with Amiga computers at the time.

Meditation brought me to a greater understanding of my creativity and in doing so enabled me to realize my works are actual doorways to potential universes and found often that the viewers interpretation changed how a work would appear or appeal to them.

I was urged by my friends to show my works and started printing them photographically on large format paper.

I also discovered that he had a talent for CGI animation.

I experimented with this ability and worked on several co-operative projects including one with Mark Pesce and Kevin Whitesides in 2005.

After several exhibitions I decided to keep creating works solely for my own enjoyment of the creative process.

What you see here on this site is what I have kept of my works.

I often felt the need to destroy my past to create my future.

This snapshot of works over the last 20 years captures part of the progression and exploration of ideas of connectedness, connection to the other, parallel dimensions and otherworldly entities.

I trust that you will enjoy my works and encourage you to buy one if you are actually interested in my art.

I wish you enough.

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