Quality professional services offered from an extensive experience base

Online marketing consultancy for both private and corporate


Professional Services

Web Design & Development :

Wordpress theme and CMS front end / back end development, shopping cart integration, wordpress theme deployment, wordpress theme customization, site design, site seo siloing, site search engine optimization keyword targeting

Online Marketing Consultancy :

Complete solutions scaled to suit your needs.

Copywriting :

Sales letters, Newsletters, Advertising, Magazine Advertising Development, Email Newsletters, Marketing Copywriting, Lead Page Copywriting and design.

Graphic Design :

Corporate identity, Logo Design, Color theory, Magazine advertising, Advertising print liaison.

Retail Management :

Store merchandising, color, layout design consultancy, in-store systems profiling, systems development, business consulting, systems updating, retail eftpos installation, stock management software implemention, inventory management, stock purchasing, stock forward projection analysis, cash handling, employee hiring and training, customer service

Customer Service : 

Customer contact liaison, customer sales lead development, upsell negotiation expertise, customer sales flowchart development.

Office Management :

Staff hiring and training, MS Office products sound use and training, telephone operations, scheduling, information services management, computer management and upgrades, staff systems development and implementation.

Systems Administration :

Database development, data importation and cleaning, spreadsheet management, spreadsheet creation and updating, systems development, backup systems development, software research, business analysis. Database updating and design, Phpmyadmin, SqlBuddy. Well experienced in using WAMP localhost systems and online Control Panel functionality. Netsuite experience including Systems Administration, account control, user control and setup, front end design, testing and implementation.

Software Management :

Multi operating system experience and use including Mac OSX, Ubuntu Linux, Microsoft Windows 7 (all versions) including updating and training use.


email : ceejaybarnaby@gmail.com
Skype : chrisjbarnaby

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